Nextbook Android 2.1

If it's Nextbook Android 2.1 that you're seeking, your search is over. The feedback point out the benefits and problem areas. Go through all of them. The best product may very well be here.

CES 2011 – NextBook Next6 Android tablet video first look

I need help using the nextbook 2 tablet.?

I recently purchased a Nextbook 2 tablet, which is basically an e-reader that has a media player and web browser. It has Android 2\.1 software which I am not familiar with since everything I own is apple. The only reason I got this is for the e-reader which is ok, plus it only costs $150. I have 30 days to return it so I’m giving it a trail run to see if I want to keep it. My question is that I have set up an android market account but when I try to download apps it says there is no device on my account. I have read a lot of people are having the same trouble, but how do I add a device to my android market account. If you have one of these devices or know about how to use this would be great. Thanks!

I’m having a similar problem. We got the Nextbook2 w/ 2.1 Android thinking the 2.1 OS would allow us to access & use 2.1 compliant apps (assuming hardware functionality). Seems that should work that way, right? But the Nextbook2 only allows for downloads from the AndAppStore via the integrated client. I have not been able to find a way to access the much, much larger Android Marketplace. When asked about this Nextbook support responded: “We are sorry that your tablet currently doesn’t support the installation of apps from Android Market. Please don’t download any app from Android Market.” Similarly, we wanted to access ebooks beyond those supplied by the Borders library. Despite Nextbook advertising it can read a number of different ebook formats the platform itself provides no way to access alternative libraries. For example, there is no way to install Kindle for Android to access ebooks in the Amazon Kindle library. Simply put, the Nextbook2 is a simple ebook reader branded for the Borders library only. With a clunky web browser for browsing the web. Some work-arounds exist to try to broaden the Nextbook’s rather limited perspectives: (1) Download files to your computer then move the files to the Nextbook memory (where they may or may not play). (2) Create an Android emulator on your PC to access the Android Marketplace, download the apps then copy to the Nextbook. (3) Try some of the other Android markets (i.e., SlideMe or Android Freeware). This Android Reader Blog might be helpful: http://blog.the-ebook-reader.com/2010/12/24/how-to-install-apps-on-android-ereaders-and-tablets/ I’m hoping somebody else can help both of us. TIA.

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