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Would it be possible to compile java,C++, or python code on an android tablet?

I want to be able to write programs on a tablet and then run them without having to transfer the code to my laptop. Would it be possible to have an IDE in the android market aimed at tablet devices? I really want the android os but want to be able to program and test on the fly. Should I get an android tablet and wait for an IDE(if that is possible) or get an android/windows7 tablet so I can run something like eclipse on the windows partition. Also, would I be able to partition an android device and put windows 7 on it myself?

sure it would be…
just hack into the file system, wipe the OS, replace it with some generic UNIX shell(i think its UNIX, you’d of course double check this before you did anything), implement some sort of keyboard support, find the appropriate compilers compatible with the particular CPU architecture and upload them also find a good word editor. I would recommend PICO/ GCC, given the minimal system resources of the pad. Code away.

Probably not worth it if you want to also use your tab for anything other than programming but it would be a very cool project, especially if you could find some touch keyboard support. It might be possible to even put some early versions of Windows/MacOS on there if you did even more work, (possibly replacing the kernel, this would take some hardcore hacking) and then use some traditional graphical IDE’s, with the early touchscreen stuff they had in some of those builds.

If your looking for android OS IDE’s i very much doubt they exist yet, maybe they will soon, but i doubt it, given numerous stability issues, the kernels on those pads (ipad and android) are super encapsulated, meaning that you would likely have to build an OS emulator to run over your real OS in order to run the code, given the android’s and I-pad’s dependencies on manifest files. Thats is not something that the hardware on those things could handle yet.

P.S. If you understand what i’m talking about, do it, it would be awesome, and then let me know how it goes
If you don’t understand it, then the short answer is probably no. icon razz

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